Artistic Whistle

Действующие лица: Gustavo de Souza и Чой. Место событий — электронная почта. Время событий — май 2011 года.

[Gustavo de Souza]: Hello there!

I’m writing to you because I have a blog that posts one song that features whistling per day. I found out on internet one of yours songs that features whistling, but I couldn’t read anything about you (you know, I cannot read Russian). So I’m emailing you to know more about your band and your song with whistling. If you could answer me the following questions I will be very pleased!

  • Who are the members of Devyat?
  • Where do you come from?
  • When did you start?
  • What is Devyat’s music style?
  • Tell me about «Artistic Whistle» (Художественный свист)… What do the lyrics of the song mean?
  • Why did you put whistling on it?
  • Who does whistle?

Well, that’s enough. My blog address is below. Please, let me (and the world!) know more about Devyat!

Best regards!

[Чой]: Hi!

It’s great to know that we have listeners outside Russia!

  • The Devyat («Nine») is a non-commercial project. There are four people in the band playing two guitars, bass and drums. The frontsman’s name is Choy (vocals and guitar).

  • The Devyat is from Moscow, Russia. And we mostly give concerts here.

  • The band was formed in 1999.

  • We play rock. (Actually, we say «rock», because it’s the most familiar word to explain what it’is hard to explain. I’d rather say we play cabaret rock or smart rock or art rock or whatever rock. Though it still isn’t completely true. We recorded an electronic album in 2001 and we play unplugged concerts as well.)

  • The song you have found was written in 2005 and recorded in 2007 for our fourth album «Ubey v sebe Evgrafa» («Kill Evgraf in your mind»). It’s a lovesong.

  • In this song a guy is trying to draw a girl’s attention while they are on the train. But she doesn’t show any interest in him. Instead, she is looking out of the window at the street lamps and cable wires. The wind whistles in wires.

  • All the Devyat members whistle in the microphone at the end of the song.

Best regards!

[Gustavo de Souza]: Thank you very much!

I will post your song as soon as possible.

By the way, I downloaded some of your songs. I honestly liked your sound! Well, I awfully love cabaret rock/punk! Be sure I’ll download more!

Cheers from Brazil!

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